September 21, 2016

It was written...

Paris, 19th of February 2011

Since the beginning, it was written...
I had to go to Kongolo,
And you flew me there.
You were flying low for me,
But I fell asleep and missed it all...

I offered you clementines in Kalemie.
I heard a polite "No",
While you were saying "Yes".

I left Congo without seeing you again,
But it was written...
I had to see you again.

In the shopping mall of Kampala,
We met each other again,
We said Hello.
I passed my way, you passed your way.

But, having no more patience,
God or destiny,
Tied up our paths
Because it was written...

So there we are again,
Face to face in Kampala,
In this shopping mall again.

Later we had to be apart again:
You in Israel and I in La Reunion,
You in Chad and I in Paris,

But God or destiny,
Had tied up our paths,
And we could not be separated again,
Because it was written...

... Because it is written,
We will meet again,
Sometime, somehow,
Somewhere in the eternity.