September 30, 2016

“The best place in the world is righ here” by Francesc Miralles

Life is not always sweet and sometimes seems like an absurd tragedy. We are told that time is healing but is it really time ? Or rather our ability to switch our point of view so the unbearable becomes bearable ?

Iris loses her appetite for life when her parents die in a car accident until, she pushes the door of a mysterious coffee shop « The Best Place in the World is Here »…

The owner is special and so the place. The tables have magic powers. There is an attractive italian involved. A pocket watch that does not give the right time. A touching story about a parrot who says « I love you ». You will learn the Art of Haiku. A promise. And a happy ending.

This little book is a philosophical and poetic tale to be read with a cup of hot chocolate when the sky of your life is grey.

Hot Chocolate at Ladurée

The loss of a loved one made me face my own mortality and reassess what I value in life. Tomorrow is not granted. Before my last sunset I want to :
  • Inspire and make a difference
  • Chase my wild dreams
  • Travel
  • Be in love and,
  • Live fully...

« Enjoy the little things, 
for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things » - Robert Brault

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