August 18, 2013

Attend a cooking class in Italy or, my Food adventures in Sicily - Part 1

French cuisine is known as one of the best in the world but being French, attend a cooking class in France sounds a little bit… flavourless. I rather go for another best cuisine in the world… Italian cuisine ! Italians are passionated people, they speak with their hands, their culture, ancient history and Art speak for itself... they must know something about food too !

Oui ! I want to attend a cooking class in Italy !

Meantime, I have been following Béa’s blog La Tartine Gourmande for a couple of years now, after I discovered her work on a french TV documentary program. Her pictures sublimates food… Here I am not talking only about flavour and creativity, but Art !… very inspiring…
So when she announced her next Food Photography Workshop will take place in Sicily… oooh, I had to go !

So here I am in Sicily, taking the train from Palermo airport to Palermo downtown while my luggage is lost somewhere in Rome. It is pouring buckets and my umbrella is in my luggage, somewhere in Rome… I am daydreaming, watching the rain falling and I am smiling inside : I am in Sicily !
About twenty minutes after we left the airport, the train stops. I understand there is an electric issue with the railway due to the heavy rains. Pretty soon we are asked to walk across the railway with our luggage to catch the diesel-driven train coming on the other platform to rescue us.
A couple of stations later, the train stops again. I don’t understand what is going on but I hear someone singing loud (not that the passenger was singing but the italian language sounds like it to me) something about the trains in Democratic Republic of Congo… « la Repubblica Democratica del Congo »… and everybody starts to laugh !… the construction of the railways in D.R.C. is a remain of the belgian colonisation… old and not maintained…
There is an obtacle in the middle of the railway… we cannot go further… A Sicilian passenger call her boyfriend to pick up her at the train station where we are stucked… Still pouring buckets and I end up squeezed in the back of the little old red Fiat of the boyfriend of a Sicilian, between a Mexican girl and another one from Guatemala ! A passionate conversation is going on in a mix of italian and spanish. I love Italian language with this strong sicilian accent !

I arrived in Palermo downtown in the evening. My lost luggage somewhere in Rome is now waiting for me at Palermo airport. Still raining. I am soaked but I am happy and I am enjoying a nice dinner at Casa Del Brodo : Maccheroncini alla Norma, home made pasta with tomato, ricotta cheese and aubergines… end of my first day in Palermo. Buona notte !

I spent the following day exploring Palermo…

Fontana della Vergogna & Quattro Canti

Cappella Palatina
Mercato Ballaro
Mercato Ballaro
… before going back to Palermo airport to pick up my luggage lost somewhere in Rome and meet up with the participants of Béa’s workshop. 
How exciting !


  1. O boy... That sounds like quite the adventure really Sandrine! Good to know that you did enjoy the workshop... Lol... Love the pics of Palermo!

  2. Yes it was! Thank you, thank you!
    I remember our workshop in Ireland as participants and I can see now that you are the one organizing the workshop and publishing a book... This is great, I'm very happy for you, it is very encouraging!