Credit Photo: Simone Van Den Berg
Béatrice Peltre from La Tartine Gourmande inspired me to get started with Food Photography when I discovered her work on a French program in 2010: Her obsession for beautiful foods is catching. I met her later on when attending one of her workshop in Sicily.

As I was looking for my voice, the excellent Food Photography Workshop in North Ireland held by Helene Dujardin from Tartelette,  encouraged me to speak out loud.

Now I need to get into the groove of writing and I think the private coaching session I had with Dianne Jacob, author of the book “Will write about food” at a Food Writing and Photography workshop in Turkey is slowly changing the game.

Thank you, thank you!...

Thank you to my dear friend Cindy who likes my writings and encouraged me to start a blog.

A special thank you to my husband Nati for his endless enthusiasm when it comes to taste and review my pastries. The kitchen is one of his playground and his passion for cooking is contagious.