May 09, 2020

Life continues, life discontinues... Part III

Last Friday the « cubre bocas » became mandatory in the city of San Miguel. And we now need to leave the house for essential activities only. The sanctions for non compliance range from warning to arrest, for up to 36 hours. I wonder what are essential activities exactly.
I put my « Cubre boca » on and I go out to see what is going on outside, in the wild world. No lipstick anymore. It is going to be hard not to read people’s face. So much is said with a smile. Ni modo, Oh well ! We are going to communicate differently.

Body language

San Jorge street is quiet and as I am capturing the moment, an old man with a « cubre boca » calls me out : « Nice street, it deserves a photo ! ». From the café I was walking by I could hear conversations. Is having lunch out an essential activity ? On the other side of the street a man without « cubre boca » paid Paloma compliments. Nothing really changed since yesterday. Not less people in the wild world but more people wearing « cubre bocas ». Sad blue and dirty white are the dominant colors.

San Juan street

I am surprised to see the Italian bakery opened. Only « take away » but open with a new protocole : « cubre bocas » and gel, like in most places now. Pain au chocolat for me and, Tania’s treats for Paloma : cookies with sausage et sweet potatoes. Life continues...
Italian Bakery, new protocol
As I was running my errands at the market, a lady with her helmet and « cubre boca » calls me. I look at her and wonder who she is. She tells me her name and still, it takes me a few second to recognize her. I don’t know how she recognized me behind my sunglasses and « cubre boca ». We all look like ready for holding up a bank.

Fancy Cubre bocas shop

Upon the recommendation of my hairdresser, I head to the center for a shop, selling fancy « cubre bocas ». It always strikes me when I see a kaki Jeep running down the street with a ten of armed military men... Again, we can’t enter in the shop. There is a table across the entrance and a plexiglass window, through which transactions are made. This is the candy store of the « cubre bocas ». So many fun design and colors. Seller by day and « cubre bocas » maker by night, it takes her 15’ to produce one. I am significantly enlarging my 2020 spring collection to be sure I have a « cubre boca » matching my mood every day.

Mask and gel prior entering one at the time
The parks are still closed and the benches are still wrapped into security yellow tape. The access to the Plaza Civica is forbidden. So we are bypassing it, following the signs and the security tape like in the Parisian metro at rush hour, one behind another. And if it takes too long, you can always grab a churro. Just stretch your arm.

Everybody is selling « cubre bocas » and I must say it is fun to look at the different styles, design and, how people wear them : elastic behind the head or behind the ears. Hand made or mass-produced. Covering mouth and nose, covering the mouth only, under the chin or, front side back like a baseball cup.

At the supermarket

Something new at the supermarket : A sign « Prohibida la venta de alcohol - Ley Seca » on the shelf of the bottles of wine. Not sure how to translate « Ley Seca » but it means that it is going to be a dry week end, people ! The cashier shows me her new directive from the city. They are not selling alcool this week end to avoid people to gather.

Open stationary shop, but not so open

People are queuing outside the carniceras, butcher shop. More people buying meat or just the social distance making people look more numerous than they actually are. Same at the ATM.

San Miguel de Allende

And I wonder where is, Tony from Guatemala. He was on his way to the US for a better life...

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