October 19, 2014

Lime Cheesecake by Siba… from Siba’s Table

Three judges, four chefs hungry for success, three rounds and only one winner! Competitors will be judged on the taste, presentation and creativity of their plates.

Chefs, please open your basket. Today the mystery ingredients are: Chinese okra, lamb brains, green tea and, popcorn!… You have 30’ to create an unforgettable meal. Good luck!

“Chopped” is a great food challenge we enjoy watching: interesting food discovery, source of inspiration sometimes, odd ingredients often, and suspense always!
…Excepted when a French chef enters the competition… the proud rooster in me is crowing… lot of technique in the execution and the French touch. Of course, he won the competition!

Chefs, two minutes left. Time’s up! Please stand back! Whose dish is on the chopping block?

There is now a South African version of this program, “Chopped South Africa” and the mystery ingredients are pretty exotics: Chinese pickled mustard, Championship boerewors, Quince jelly, Guinea-fowl, Chakalaka, Pickled Galangal… I know the Amarula cream liquor from previous trips in Africa… but Mebos, or Nasterfal?... exotic mysteries…

Lion's Head, Cape Town, South Africa
Credit photo: my sister Véronique who lives in Cape Town @Verostrip 

One of the expert judges of “Chopped South Africa” is the vibrant Siba Mtongana! Her cooking-show, “Siba’s table” is my absolute favorite.

Siba is such a passionate and inspiring cook. She hosts her show in the beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. I have a penchant for the African culture so I like the African influence on her cooking.
Siba is authentic and the program stages her own life: date night with her husband, brunch with friends, picnic on the beach, Sunday lunch with family…
Her recipes are simple, modern and, have a certain je ne sais quoi… I just love it!

I have successfully tried several of her recipes. One of them is the delicious “Perfect no-bake cheesecake”… I have never been cheesecake fan. I am very picky when it comes to dessert and I rather like the French delicacy.
But I must admit that this one is really good. The freshness of the lime, the silkiness of the filling, the vibrant green… “Siba-li-cious!”

And so far this is a hit at home, at the office, with friends and also with the B.B. girls!… 

Note to self: Experiment on the base I. The cinnamon and spices of the Speculoos biscuit overpower the cheesecake… keep the Digestive biscuits for the base.

Note to self: Experiment on the base II… attempt with the French Petit Beurre... the smell of the melted butter with the Petit Beurre reminds me so much of my childhood… but it makes the base too crumbly… maybe to be tried with more butter…