January 09, 2013

Berries swiss roll for Christmas

The Christmas swiss roll cake or Bûche de Noël, as we call it in french is not so much a tradition in our family for Christmas.

After having, smoked salmon on blinis, foie gras on warm toasts, snails with garlic & parsley butter, lobster tails for starter, then turkey with chestnuts and green beans, then salad and cheese platter, we would hardly make it to the rich traditional yule log.
And the Trou Normand itself (Calvados alcohol on sorbet), served after the main course would not have helped. So we were usually going for an iced yule log : passionfruit, coconut and vanilla, if I recall correctly.

This year we went for a lighter dinner so why not to try a version of the yule log with berries for dessert ?

The dinner was not so light as my mom brought cheese and foie gras from France and my sister, the unexpected but very appreciated last minute surprise guest, brought from Russia : cheese as well, caviar, special pickles, gingerbread men, lemon jam, tea, black bread with mustard seeds… and so many other goodies !

We started our Christmas Eve diner with a very colorful cocktail early in the evening and about midnight we were still around the table, having dessert… and opening the last presents ! We have this habit of all opening a gift in between each meal… We like to pretend it is for digestion !

Santa has been very generous this year. We all get spoiled. One of my gift was a new gear for my camera : a fixed lens 50 mm, aperture f1.8. It was then just a piece of cake to get a proper picture of this swiss roll ! Look ! Just look ! Thank you Santa !

We had a fantastic Christmas ! Family, excellent food, tons of gifts, what else do we need ?

We spent the following days wandering around Cyprus. We went back to place I knew already and discovered new places…

Old Town, Limassol
St Hilarion Castle
St Hilarion Castle
Greek Salad
Abandoned village
Fish Meze, Zygi
Kato Drys
Kato Drys

I wish you all a sweet and inspired new year !