Life List

What does it take to make life sweet and inspired ? 
Namibia - 2015
Credit photo: A wandering Kiwi

Life is a journey made of milestones. Those are some of mine. They shaped me and made me who I am today :
Working in England as a waitress to learn the language - Experiencing the american way of life in Portland, Oregon - Looking for Henry, the turkey hunter in Vernon, Florida - Building a house in Romania for a poor family - Joining a humanitarian mission in Democratic Republic of Congo - Participating to a food distribution in Chad - Spotting the 'Big 5' on safari across the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania - Traveling solo in Africa: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda – Experiencing grade 5 white river rafting at the source of the White Nile, Uganda - Playing in a Bollywood movie in India - Moving to La Reunion Island - Getting my face and palm read in Bali, by the medicine man Ketut Liyer, made famous in the book "Eat, Pray, Love" - Traveling solo in Asia: Bali, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam - Visiting my friend Yoshiko in her hometown Kumamoto, Japan - Following my husband to Cyprus - Preparing the Pastry Diploma at Le Cordon Bleu School in Paris...

At this stage of my journey, my life recipe for a fulfilling life could be :
Smile at others and laugh at yourself,
Be indulgent with yourself and don’t judge others,
Have a generous heart and be open-minded,
Live without regrets,
Be creative and curious,
Dream and wonder,
Make much of today,
Stop waiting for perfection and go fearless on your journey…

… So I am going fearless on my journey and, those are the things I wish to accomplish next :
  1. Attend a cooking class in Italy - Completed in 2013
  2. Meet with indigenous peoples in Papua New Guinea
  3. Discover the wonders of Ethiopia
  4. Open a Gourmet Tea Salon - Project started under label Cordon Bleu
  5. Visit my sister in South Africa - Completed in 2016
  6. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing
  7. Climb the Nyiragongo volcano in Democratic Republic of Congo
  8. Become a wine connoisseur
  9. Sit down with penguins in Antarctic
  10. Walk in Jules Verne's footsteps: Around the World in Eighty Days
  11. Witness the recent opening-up of Myanmar Completed in 2013
  12. Make a difference